Pixie is a 100% all-synthetic girl, the most advanced piece of cybernetic technology ever to wear an out-dated cheerleader’s uniform. Until now her only purpose was to “remove” the enemies of the world’s most powerful capitalist Gabriel — but even artificial life can have its unexpected twists.


In 2002 Vincent Sneed was working part time at a comic shop where he had noticed a growing sub-genre of large-breasted android-or-robot assassin women. Half in jest and half serious Vince suggested to collaborator John Peters that they should do a parody comic called “Large Breasted Female Assassin”, published by Large Breasted Female Assassin Comics.  The parody didn’t last as the story took shape, and in a very short time Vince had a first script and John had character designs. The comic was published a few months later.

Pretty Female Assassin Pixie, later renamed Assassin Pixie had been published sporadically in ashcan form since then, before finding a home on Darkstar Studios in 2012.